Important Notice
Warm reminders about customer service during the COVID-19

Due to the severe outbreak of the COVID-19, the Hong Kong government calls on all sectors of society to arrange home office as much as possible. Taiping Securities is committed to providing and maintaining high-quality service and support for customers, but some of our services may be affected due to the impact of the COVID-19. Kindly remind you of the following things:

  • The delivery of the offline paper statement may be delayed. It is recommended that you change the delivery method of the statement and select the online electronic statement delivery. You can download and print the [Change Account Information Form], fill in and take a photo or scan and send it to the official account/webpage online customer service /E-mail.
  • The telephone trading service may be affected. It is recommended that you download the mobile trading APP or place an online order transaction on the computer. For detailed guidelines, please check the link:
  • Fax information may not be delivered in time. It is recommended that you submit relevant documents or leave a message at the online customer service of the Taiping Securities Hong Kong official account to inquire about related issues.
  • If you need to handle business on the spot, please make an appointment with the customer service staff in advance for the time and place. From now on, Taiping Securities will not accept on-site business transactions from customers who have not made an appointment.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused. Once the epidemic has eased, we will resume offline services in an orderly manner. Please be patient and take precautions. Taiping Securities will be your side to overcome the difficulties. Contact information:

  • Leave a message at the online customer service of the wechat official account or webpage,

and enter "manual" to transfer to manual service

Trading Hotline: (Hong Kong, China) 28549766 / 37168308 Settlement Hotline: (Hong Kong, China) 25439655 / 25430100



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